Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Eleven - Day Three

There is a physical side to creativity. To nourish the mind, the physical body should also be nourished.

Exercise is moving meditation. Walking, swimming, hiking, dancing, whatever gets you in a clear state of mind.

During the time that you are physically meditating, your mind will open up and let vibrations enter. Creativity will be restored and flourish.

Stuck on that last chapter of your book? Not sure what to paint next? An image keeps popping into your head, but you just quite grasp it? Take a walk and allow the universe to help you out.

Today, take a long walk. Let your mind wander. If you feel you just can't leave that desk and take the chance of missing out on inspiration, take a notepad and pen with you. When lightning strikes, stop and jot your thoughts down.


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Anonymous said...

Reberto, Thanks for the invite. I just checked out the site. So, we lose all rights to the story? I'm not sure if I feel confortable with that, but will think it over.

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