Saturday, July 31, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Eleven - Day Six

Follow a new creative avenue

With your list in hand, choose one of the possibilities and set about following and exploring your new path. Have fun with your new outlet.


Aubrie said...

I love the idea of exploring a new path! I always choose the same old ones...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I didn't do it here on day six, but one of the steps in the book 21 Ways to read the tarot is to draw out a card to better understand and see things you might miss. I intend to give this a shot, so that would be drawing.

Another version, is to do a three card reading, and pull something from each to create one. That should be fun.

Of course, I am no way an artist, but I'll give it a shot for creativity's sake, lol.

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