Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Eleven - Day One

Recovering a Sense of Autonomy

As an artist you may find that you need a different mix of stability and flow than other people. A 9 to 5 job may steady you and leave you free and clear to create, or it may drain you and leave you unable to create. You must find what works for you and accept it.

Being true to your inner artist often results in sell-able work, but not always. Your value and the value of your work should not be based on your works current market value. Money validating your credibility is hard to shake, but it must be done to find success.

Credibility lies with your God, and your work. If you have a poem that needs to be written, you need to write it rather it will sell or not. Create what wants to be created. An artist's career cannot be planned to unfold in a sensible direction dictated by cash flow and market strategies. Plans are fine, but too much focus on it will stifle the artist child within. A child wants now, not tomorrow or the next day. Create what wants to be created.

Have you had an idea nagging at you that you keep pushing away because you think it won't work or it's not marketable. Take today to explore the idea. There's a reason it's begging to be written. You may be surprised by the results once you see it before you.

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