Sunday, June 6, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Four - Day Six

Let's take a look at your environment.

Everyone needs a place where they can just get away from everything. This breaking away from reality is a must for an artist.

Look around your house. Is there a room you could make into your own private space, where no one will intrude upon your time? This will become your dream area, a place to relax and reflect upon your day.

Supply it with any tools you may need as an artist - pens, paper, easel, etc. You are not necessarily arranging a spot to work, but having your options open can allow a freedom to do so, if the mood takes you.

This doesn't have to be fancy in any way. It could be a single bookshelf that holds only your items or a spot under your stairs to hide away. The main purpose is to remove yourself from your outer life to allow you to enter your inner life.

I've thought on this for most of the week, knowing this lesson was coming. I reflected upon my computer area in my bedroom, but the computer allows access to the outer world.

I've settled on my spare bedroom. My bookshelves are in this room, along with poetry books containing my published poems, and awards for past publications of poems. Add a notebook and pen and I have my own little hide away.

I've also reflected on my bathroom, which contains a garden tub. A nice quiet bath is an excellent way to shrink away from the active world and re-connect with you.

Have fun with this and connect with your inner most dreams.


E. Arroyo said...

Nice post! I'm working on my hideaway place.

Anonymous said...

E. Arroyo, Thanks. A bean bag would be a cool addition, don't you think?

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