Friday, June 4, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Four - Day Four

Here are your questions for today.

List 5 things you used to enjoy doing.

List 5 things you’d like to try once.

My Lists:

Things I used to enjoy doing.
1. bike riding
2. fishing
3. school
4. swimming
5. playing spades

Things I'd like to try.
1. skydiving
2. deep-sea fishing
3. hiking
4. flying in an large airplane (I've been in a small airplane once.)
5. visit a Medium


arbraun said...

Things I used to enjoy:

1. Softball
2. Basketball
3. Hanging out with a lot of friends
4. Getting drunk as skunk
5. Watching TV a lot

Things I'd like to try once:

1. Go in the cage at the UFC
2. Speaking at a college
3. Almost anything in New York
4. Racing a car at a speedway
5. Paintball

Aubrie said...

things I used to enjoy:

1. Barbie dolls
2. My little Pony
3. Rainbow Brite movies
4. Video Games
5. Doritos

Things I'd like to try once

1. Visit England
2. safari!
3. walk the Great Wall of China!
4. Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef
5. Be on a TV show!

Anonymous said...

Two great lists. Oh yeah, barbie dolls. :)

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