Monday, June 7, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Five - Day One

Week Five - Recovering a sense of possibility.

We unconsciously set a limit on how much God can help us or give us. We set these limits, but in truth there are no limits to his power.

We pray to catch the bus and then we run as fast as you can. Did you catch the bus because of God's assistance or because of your effort? If you are able to believe that it was an action of both, then you have the faith you need. Some of us chalk our fortunes up to mere coincidence. We send in a story and it comes back accepted, after praying every night for this acceptance. It is true not all prayers are answered, but for reasons we may not understand.

"Sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers."

Creativity is a spiritual issue. We make progress by making a leap of faith.

Through our morning pages, we reconnect with our true selves, discard physical dependencies, and learn to accept God's generosity.

Forbidden Joys

List 10 things you love or would love to do, but don't allow yourself to do.

1. Dancing
2. Read more
3. More downtime
4. Swimming
5. Water-Skiing
6. Own a cat
7. Do more research on Tarot
8. Connect with my Spirit Guides
9. Enjoy life more
10. Write more


Aubrie said...

I'd love to eat:

1. chocolate
2. a whole bag of jelly beans
3. Three cookies instead of one
4. Doritos

Things I'd love to do but don't

5. write Orlando Bloom a fan mail letter
6. call every single literary agent up on the phone
7. drive really fast!
8. play video games all day
9. spend a lot of money on clothes in a shopping splurge
10. write about unicorns


That was fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, your list was a lot more fun than mine. Great list!

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