Friday, June 11, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Five - Day Five

This should be fun. Who's up for an adventure?

Finish this sentence.

If I was twenty and had money I would...

List five adventures you would take.

1) Go to Rome
2) Go to the Bahamas
3) Go to France
4) Go to College!
5) Go to Italy


arbraun said...

1)Go to college
2)Go to Vegas
3)Date a young blonde
4)Date a young brunette
5)Date a young redhead

Anonymous said...

1) Go to college
2) Save my money to buy a house
3) Start saving for retirement
4) Take better care of my health
5) Write, submit, write, submit
6) Hang with people who were positive role models

All the things I look back and wish I had done when I was 20!

Anonymous said...

Arbraun, I guess you haven't had the variety of women you've wanted, lol.

Susanne, good list.

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