Saturday, July 3, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Eight - Day Six

Okay, time to get some concrete actions down that move toward your stepping stones.

I've been thinking about this all day and how I've had so much trouble keeping up with a set schedule. I think maybe the problem is that I'm filling up all my free hours with tasks and then when I fall behind, there goes the schedule. So, it's time to make the tasks smaller, therefore eliminating the chance for failure.

I also have a goal to become more active in my tarot reading. So, I have two walkways to create. But here we will stick to the writing.

Baby steps = achievement

I'm not saying make the steps so small it's ridiculous, just small enough that you know you can do it. Once the habit is there, then you can increase a little at a time.

My action plan to my first stepping stone: 1 year - one completed novel, short stories in progress and in the submission phase

Weekly word goal - 1800 words
Editing time - 3 hours per week

Again, this may need work and could perhaps be easily increased. Over the next few weeks, it is my goal to produce a workable schedule that can be accomplished without too much stress. By allotting time to the areas of my week where I know I can find the time for quiet and solitude, I can reduce the chances of failing. Therefore, allow myself to move forward rather than walk into that stone wall of failure.

Those of you, who have to carve out your quiet time, do so carefully to avoid pitfalls. That Monday night show that everyone sits down to watch. Let the family watch while you silently tuck yourself away in your writing space. They will be busy and you will be free to create.

Good luck with your plans to reach your stepping stones.

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