Sunday, May 30, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Three - Day Six

Remembering your artist child.

List 5 traits you liked in yourself as a child.

1- Tendencies to explore - I loved going outside and wondering where ever the road would take me. I also enjoyed going to new places through my books.

2- Ease of play - As you grow older, playing is harder to do. My sister and I enjoyed weekly bike rides from our house to a nearby store for ice cream.

3- Curiosities of the unknown - I remember experimenting with Ouija. As an adult, I know this isn't the best form of connecting with the spirits, but it is proof that I have always been curious about the spiritual side of life.

4- Unconditional love - As a child, I loved everyone. There was no bad to see in another. As adults we are able to see more of another and find it hard to give unconditional love.

5- The ease of laughter - As a child, laughter was an easy thing to come by. The happiness of a child is a great quality that some of us lose as adults. Laughter is great medicine for the soul and should be found as often as possible.

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