Thursday, April 8, 2010

War of the Words

Last year, my poem 'War of the Words' was accepted by A Long Story Short. It has been published in the April 2010 issue.

If you'd like to read 'War of the Words', go here. It is located near the bottom of the page.

I welcome any feedback you wish to share.


Aubrie said...

Great poem, Cher! I never thought about what would happen to the words I slashed! Maybe they will get a chance to come back again?

arbraun said...

Congrats! That's great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you both.

Aubrie - I enjoyed creating this poem. The editor changed it slightly. It was fun to think of my words having their own feelings and reactions to being cut. LOL, 'was' is a word that writers cut. Poor word needs its place in text and has its uses.

Lynn Andrade said...

Very nice.

I don't care what editors say, I like "was." Granted, I will edit them out, but it's tough love. They know I still care. :)

Conda V. Douglas said...

Lovely, Cher--I admire those writers who write poetry--such a difficult form.

Anonymous said...

Lynn -- Thanks. LOL.

Conda -- Thank you.

Donna M. McDine said...

Congratulations! Beautiful. I enjoy reading poetry, but don't have the knack for it myself.

Best wishes for your continued success,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Donna.

Anonymous said...

I like the poem Cher. CONGRATS on getting it published!

Anonymous said...


Thank you.

Don Augustyn said...

Congratulations Cher,
I liked your poem too. I like how words are living things and have desires.
I have a question about how you go about submitting something to Long Story Short. First they say they want it in Word format, but then they say not as an attachment but in the body of the email. But the only way I know how to send a Word document is as an attachment. Could you help me out with this? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Don, Thanks on the congrats.

The guidelines is that the story/or poem should be in MSFormat. So, produce it in Word with the correct format and then copy and paste it to the body of the email. Hope this helps. Good luck with your submission.

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