Friday, February 19, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about E-books.

The process of creating and publishing seems easy enough.

You can find these e-books everywhere, both free and for a low cost.

The whole non-fiction and tarot adventure has gotten wheels turning in my head. There are so many topics out there that could be explored with a little research. Non-fiction is an interesting field.

Have any of you considered moving toward publishing your own eBook (fiction or nonfiction)? Have you already stepped in this direction?

I do plan to look further into this. I will keep you informed of my discoveries.


Aubrie said...


I have three ebook publishers:

Let me knowif you're interested and I can recommend you to them (Lyrical doesn't do non fiction, but GSP and Synerg do). I've never tried self pub ebooks, so I have no advice on that one. People use for that.

Anonymous said...


I went to your blog and then followed the links to your ebooks. I'm curious. Can you tell me more on the subject of how it works, are your books also available in paperback?

I haven't really looked into the subject in any depth. I just had a thought of producing one for tarot reading. There's so many out there, but I though a simple guide would help more than all these complex ones.

Aubrie said...

Some ebook places also have print as well. Gypsy Shadow Publishing will have print soon, and SynergEbooks has a print option but you have to sell 100 copies of your book as an ebook first. It also depends on the length. Lyrical Press will nly print the books that are over 60,000 words. Usually the company takes 40-60 percent fo the profits made.

I hope that answers a lot of your questions!

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Self-publishing ebooks would be similar to self-publishing print books. Many self-published authors provide both editions of their works to the public.

One thing to remember, just becuase an ebook is available doesn't mean it will sell or attract attention. Just like having a website. It's out there, but so what.

A publisher adds their marketing, reputation, editing and even distribution to the book/product.

Many (but certainly not all) self-published novels 'sell' to family and friends and co-workers, but really don't go much farther. E-publishing is cheaper than print in many ways ( would be a possible way to go, as well as Kindle), but if you really have a great work, my view is to try to find a publisher first. It takes time and sure you earn less--at least initially (get paid royalties) but probably would be better off as an author reputation-wise and financially in the long run.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, Thanks for the extra information.

Terry, point taken. Like I said I was only thinking on it. And my thought weren't really for fiction, but non-fiction. Which should also be looked upon the same as you pointed out. My actual thoughts were of possibly something free to offer at the blog or something.

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