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Act Two - Part Two - Sequence Five and Six

First, I will say don't be confused by the sequence numbers. With Harry Potter, we have an extra sequence, so it does through the numbers off.

In Act Two, Part Two, the character continues to try to reach his/her goal. Again, each sequence will represent an attempt and an outcome. The climax of Part Two should give yet another glimpse of the central question. At this point the story should shift directions and prepare the reader for the major climax of the story.

Back to Harry and his adventures:

Act Two - Sequence Five (in this case Sequence Six) - This sequence begins in the Great Hall with talk of the coming Quiddich match and Harry's distrust of Snape. Harry receives a gift from one of his mentors.

We then shift to an action scene of the match. Near the end of the match, Harry's broom goes crazy and Hermione suspects Snape as being the attacker. She uses her magic to attack Snape and Harry's broom returns to normal. Harry wins the match.

The kids learn more about the three-headed dog from Hagrid.

Act Two - Sequence Six (in this case Sequence Seven) - A shot of snow flying, shifts the story to a new passage of time. The boys stay at Hogwarts for Christmas and Hermione leaves them in charge of getting into the restricted section the library.

Christmas morning, Harry receives the cloak of invisibility which gives him access to the restricted section, where he finds a book on Nicholas Flammel, becomes scared, and is chased by Fitch and his cat. Deception is spawned from his witnessing a fight between Snape and Quirrell.

Harry finds the mirror of desire and sees his parents. Extremely attracted by the sight, we seem him back at the mirror in the next scene and the Mirror is explained by Dumbledore.

Another passage of time brings the three kids back together to learn more of Nicholas Flammel and the Sorcerer's Stone.

At Hagrid's we learn of the baby dragon and the three plus Draco get in trouble for leaving the house. Detention is to be held at Hagrid's hut. (Real big punishment right?) Hagrid takes them into the Dark Forest. Set of together, Harry and Draco, to search for the unicorn killer the two come into contact with Voldemort.

Back at Griffindore, Harry shares his fears.

Another time pass: End of the term exams. Hagrid's been given a dragon's egg and the kids are skeptical of the givers intentions. Dumbledore is gone from the school. The kids plan to guard the door to what they think will lead to the stone in the Head Master's absence.

This opens up for the Final plan and confrontation of Act Three.

I want to say, there is a much more detailed outline of this at: http://thedarksalon.blogspot.com/2009/07/harry-potter-and-sorcerers-stone-story.html .

I had the passing thought that some may think I'm taking credit for someone else's hard work on outlining this movie. This is actually my attempt to better understand the process. Go to the link above, for Alexandra goes a lot deeper into the story and shows you the Red Herrings within the story and some of the different aspects of the story such as "The Attack on the Hero" and "Gifts from Mentor". Throughout the story, there are items foreshadowing on future acts and she does a great job at pointing some of them out.

Till next time, keep writing and share your thoughts.

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