Monday, January 11, 2010

Act Three - Sequence Seven and Eight

Act Three- Chase, confrontation, and resolution.

Sequence Seven - Getting to the location of the battle - a plan, assembly of team, tools, training, and rehearsal. A ticking clock, race to save the victim, stop a loved one from leaving.

Sequence Eight - The fight - resolution - reintroduce the main character, who now has what she needs.

Harry Potter

Act Three - Sequence Seven (in this case eight)

The sequence opens at night with the kids sneaking out of Griffindore. The three use the cloak to sneak up to the third floor and into the forbidden room. The kids must pass many tests. Harry succeeds at the last test and moves toward their goal.

Act Three - Sequence Eight (in this case nine)

In the next chamber, Harry discovers his true opponent. Harry discovers that the stone has somehow gotten into his pants pocket and runs for it. Voldemort, a worthy opponent, tries to entice Harry to join him with the promise of bringing back his parents. Harry refuses. Voldemort loses his access to Quirrell's body and flies out of the chamber. Harry collapses.

Harry wakes up in the school infirmary. Harry learns that his win was the result of his mother's sacrifice to save him. The three kids are reunited.

The Finale is the Great Hall scene, the closing ceremonies of the school. Then we move to the kids boarding the train to go back to the ordinary world.

I hope you've enjoyed this little walk through the three acts and brought something helpful away from it. Feel free to share your thoughts.


M. Gray said...

I always like the quiet reflection on the part of the main characters at the end of a story. It always feels deeper.

Anonymous said...

M. Gray,

I do agree with you on that.

Thanks for commenting and joining my followers. The more the merrier.

lionmother said...

In my first novel my MC does that quiet contemplation at the end of the book. I liked it because it tied up the story.

I enjoyed visiting your blog and will add you to my list. Come visit me too:

Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting.

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