Friday, November 13, 2009

National Novel Writing Month - Day 13

Friday the 13th. Didn't realize what day it was until just now. Nothing bad happened to me today. It was actually a good day. Wonder if it would have been different if I'd known it was the dreaded thirteenth. Anyone have odd occurrences because of the date?

Sorry about the lateness of this post. I've been working hard trying to keep up with work, life, and NaNo. The whole word count responsibility is really cutting into my daily life. In less than two hours, I can produce the words needed, but sometimes it's difficult to know where the story should go next.

How are the rest of you doing out there in NaNo Land?

21439 / 50000 words. 43% done!


Terry W. Ervin II said...

It is good you're making progress.

Use 'down time' from writing to determine story direction, like when you're performing mundane tasks such as washing dishes, folding clothes, mowing the lawn, taking a walk to the post office, etc.

One thing I have to do is sometimes jot down what I come up with so that the thought doesn't later escape me.

Tara McClendon said...

I can't think of anything omnious. Several bloggers posted wishes for good luck, which was surprising. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the advice.

Anonymous said...


You too.

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